Château Poitevin Blanc 2015

Wine tasting note

The 2015 White Cuvee of Château Poitevin Blanc shows a nice minerality and a slightly smoky typicity. Its bouquet is powerful with aromas of apricot and citrus. In the mouth, the attack is dominated by the structure and fat of Sauvignon, the final, by freshness and elegance. A well-balanced Bordeaux White Wine.

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2015 • Notebook

The 2015 vintage is a synergy of two exceptional vintages, the 2005 and the 2010. Nature offered us optimal climatic conditions throughout the vine cycle, which enabled us to harvest at full maturity all of our plots.The maturation phase was optimal with soft wind to limit the humidity in the clusters and thus the appearance of botrytis.This vintage gives wines of great aromatic richness, with an interesting tannic structure.

  • Pruning : Double Guyot method
  • Culture : To avoid the use of herbicides, the area between the rows of vines is grassed over at all times.
  • Leaf stripping : Leaf thinning of the fruit bearing part of the vine
  • Treatments : Use of agro-chemicals in compliance with the Terra Vitis Certification
  • Average Yield : 45 Hl/Ha
  • Harvest : Hand-picking in 2 stages, transport in small crates
  • Pressing : Vertical press with dry ice
  • Fermentation : 24-hour settling, transfert to new oak barrels, and vinification process on Oxoline – a patented metallic structure allowing to put each barrel on rotating rollers, for an easy rotation of the barrels without opening them, without any supply of oxygen, and therefore a limited addition of sulfites.
  • Aging : 8 months on lees, in new oak barrels placed on Oxoline for battonage.
  • Bottling : On-Site bottling, on bottling line complying with the ISO 9002 standards.
  • Cork : DIAM cork
  • Recommended storage period : 2 years

The white blend of Château Poitevin where Sauvignon Blanc dominates, will beautifully pair with fish and seafood. It is also an ideal companion to goat cheeses, especially Loire and Touraine cheeses. You could also choose it for a food and wine pairing with an Asian recipe, as its acidity will balance the spicy character of your dish.



Sauvignon Blanc



2 to 5 years






11° – 12°

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